In Global Ranking, Trump Loses Upper Hand

It’s getting chilly up in the Northern hemisphere, which means we’ve started stocking up on winter gear, including gloves and mittens. We prepare for seasonal orders based on previous ordering data on quantity, size, and color from our records. While reviewing the size data for this year’s orders, our Head of Purchasing noticed some interesting trends - trends which they couldn’t help but relate to the upcoming U.S. election, buzzing on in the background.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about small hands in recent months, including a bizarre assertion by former Republican candidate Marco Rubio. (“You know what they say about men with small hands ... you can’t trust ‘em,” he said at a Virginia rally back in February.) Later this summer, data from Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum surfaced, giving us an objective look at the hands of the Republican nominee.

Internally, our team decided to delve a little deeper into our purchasing data for glove orders and compare them to Trump’s measurements. Of course, any discussion of size is relative, and hand size, just like height, varies globally. Statistically, we wondered, what is a small hand? For thirty-two countries, we calculated the size of an average adult hand - female and male - based on records of national height standards.

What we found: at about six foot two, Trump’s not a short guy, but when compared to the hand size of men in many countries with a shorter average height, his hand did came below the average hand of Japanese, Saudi Arabians and Russians among other 20 nations. Also we could confirm his hands are smaller than former president Bill Clinton, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and the US president Barack Obama.

Our communications team caught wind of our calculations and thought the rest of the world might want to get in on the fun. All in the name of better understanding these glove orders, of course.


Country Size (cm)
pe Peru 16.94
in Indonesia 17.37
vn Vietnam 17.83
ec Ecuador 18.03
bn Brunei 18.16
pa Panama 18.16
ph Philippines 18.21
my Malaysia 18.29
dt Donald Trump 18.42
za South Africa 18.49
cu Cuba 18.49
sa Saudi Arabia 18.57
mx Mexico 18.58
ve Venezuela 18.59
cl Chile 18.64
vp Vladimir Putin 18.75
th Thailand 18.75
co Colombia 18.77
br Brazil 18.77
sg Singapore 18.82
tw Taiwan 18.85
hk Hong Kong 18.9
pn Peña Nieto 18.92
jp Japan 18.92
es Spain 19.05
ar Argentina 19.25
uk UK (England) 19.28
de Germany 19.3
fr France 19.3
au Australia 19.3
us US 19.33
nz New Zealand 19.48
bc Bill Clinton 19.48
ru Russia 19.48
lv Latvia 19.96
bo Barak Obama 19.98


Country Size (cm)
in Indonesia 14.71
ph Philippines 15.01
pe Peru 15.09
vn Vietnam 15.21
mx Mexico 15.39
pa Panama 15.39
ec Ecuador 15.39
bn Brunei 15.39
co Colombia 15.49
cu Cuba 15.6
cl Chile 15.62
sa Saudi Arabia 15.62
my Malaysia 15.47
jp Japan 15.8
br Brazil 15.88
hk Hong Kong 15.9
ve Venezuela 15.9
za South Africa 15.9
th Thailand 15.9
es Spain 15.95
ar Argentina 15.95
tw Taiwan 16
sg Singapore 16
uk UK (England) 16.18
us US 16.18
au Australia 16.18
fr France 16.26
de Germany 16.28
nz New Zealand 16.41
ru Russia 16.41
lv Latvia 16.99
dt Donald Trump 18.42