NB F300 5-10 kg soporte de pared de TV de resorte de gas de aluminio 30-40 "LCD soporte de TV de 2 brazos dinámico completo soporte de montaje de TV soporte LED

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$3,456.00 - 40%
Acumula 205 Puntos Premier
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Características destacadas

Características destacadas

  • Nombre de la marca: NORTHBAYOU
  • Número de modelo: NB-F-300
  • Instalación: montaje en pared
  • perfil: min 100mm, max4458mm
  • Inclinación: hasta 30 grados, hasta 85 grados
  • Carga máxima: 3 kg-12 kg / (6,6-26,4 libras)
  • La pantalla se mueve hacia arriba / abajo verticalmente: 0-195 mm
  • Girar a la izquierda / derecha: 180 grados
  • Ajuste: movimiento completo
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Detalle de producto

Detalle de producto

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F300 is a wall mounted full motion LED, LCD TV or display mount. It is designed and built with ergonomic concepts to enhanc your viewing and gaming experiences. Constructed in aluminum alloy and built in durable gas spring cylinder, tilt, swivel and height can be position as wish for maximum ergonomics comfort. Added unique pivot joints design offered 180° swivel and effortless tilting positions to eliminate gray viewing angles. Whether for entertainment, video conference, gaming or real time exercising with your idol, F300 is almost covered up every viewing spots in your room due to its versatility design. Product constructed in aluminum alloy and joined by riveting process produced a sturdy and stable universal TV mount. F300 is designed in single-arm double extension . Casted in a smooth arc shape with a perfect powder coated black product blends well with TV or display, ring and hood integrated cable management for a clean and clutter look.



1) FEATURE>>>>>>


  • * Built with ergo concepts, tilt, swivel and height can be positioning as wish for maximum ergonomics experiences.
  • * Durable gas-strut and friction joints constructed for smooth and stable operation.
  • * Built in ring and hook for cable lines management to reflect clean and neat mounting appearance.
  • * Single arm double extension, compact and retractable design to save room space.
  • * Designed arc shape finish look brought itself as an unique, smooth and perfect finest product.
  • * Embedded spirit leveler in the mounting plate to ensure perfect installation.
  • * Perfect chrome texture surface produced scratches proof and forever shining look.
  • * Powder coated black finished appearance blends well with TV or display.


2) Technical Parameters-------GAS SPRING TV WALL MOUNT FOR 30"-40"


  • Brand: Northbayou
  • Suitable for 24"-35" screen (but you need check whether your screen's installation holes is within our range,thanks)
  • Max load:3kg-12kg/(6.6-26.4lbs) (plz make sure your screen is within this range, or the mount's gas spring couldnt work )
  • profile: min 100mm,max445mm
  • Screen move up/down vertically: 0-195mm
  • Tilt :up to 30°,down to 85°
  • Swivel left/right by 360°
  • Fit for Screen holes at 75x75mm/100x100mm




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