• Save space
  • L shape
  • Multipurpose
  • Great storage
  • Large desk
  • Shelves and compartments
  • Big and tough
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Baillie Walnut-Brown Work Desk

When we think about going to be part of our home it is always important to look for the best option, if we talk about furniture or desk that will be part of our day to day, it is important to know that they have to be of the best quality, the  decoration  of each space is complemented with these, in spaces such as the room or  office , it is essential to have the accessories or accessories for each place, give the spaces identity and originality, there are a variety of furniture types or desk for each space, in different colors and textures that will make your area stay clean, neat and with an innovative design  .

Surely you will love this combination of white and  wood . It is really modern and the style of this incredible table perfectly matches everything. The upper part and the leg are made with a very thick board that makes the product very strong. But, this desk offers even more than that. It also offers  fantastic storage  on the shelf with 3 tempered glass doors, as well as computer disks, disk drives and office supplies at once, clean and tidy. This  desk  would also be the perfect complement to the bedroom. 
It is always recommended to take the  time  necessary to make a good choice of the products we use in our home and especially to equip it, since it depends on its good condition and allows to perform the simplest domestic tasks, this brand is distinguished by the quality and  rigor  in the preparation of all its products, you will not regret, without any doubt of your choice.


Modelo Baillie Walnut
Tamaño (L x P x A cm) 90 x 60 x 75
Peso (kg) 15.5
Color Madera
Condición del producto Nuevo
Piezas en el conjunto 1
Material Madera

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