• Características:
  • magnificación 40x
  • Observado a,
  • iluminación clara, precisa pura luz blanca
  • sin tinte de color
  • Uso:
  • 1. Abra el compartimiento de la batería, la batería de la cubierta.
  • 2. Véase el derecho a unirse a la batería positivo y />
  • Más información
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Features:Magnification to 40xObserved a clear, precise, pure whitelight illumination without color cast.Usage:1. Open the battery compartment, the battery cover.2. See the right to join the battery positive andnegative signs, which are outside the negative. (AA batteries)3. The battery cover and press into the battery box,battery cover and the shell of the Indian end match blog.4. Both sides of the opened part of the battery box will bebright lights, to the observed protective cover on the centerof the eye aligned eyepiece, adjust focus gear, to see so far.The products are used in finance, taxation, stamp collecting,electronics observation notes, tickets, mail, money, card paperand print outlets. Can accurately identify counterfeit money quickly,very high resolution.Note:1, cut off the power switch after use.2, the battery exchange immediately after use.3, two batteries simultaneously exchange.4, using the same model brand alkaline batteries,voltage 1.5V (5 batteries), can not use rechargeable batteries,because charging the battery voltage is only 1.2V,lights bright enough, it can not be used.5, long time no instrument, remove the battery from the equipment inside.Specifications:Color: WhiteItem size: 148*55*34mmNet weight: 90gPackage weight: 100gPacking Content:1 x 40X Magnifying Glass1 x Protect case


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