Afeitadora de carga rápida, afeitadora digital inteligente con lavado

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Características destacadas

Características destacadas

  • Afeitadora eléctrica
  • Afeitadora
  • Afeitadora eléctrica inteligente
  • Maquinilla de afeitar de 3 cabezas
  • Maquinilla de afeitar
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Detalle de producto

Detalle de producto

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Qué hay en la caja
1 x razor\r\n1 x cleaning brush\r\n1 x Cutter head protection cover\r\n1 x USB charging dock\r\n1 x English manual\r\n1 x face brush\r\n1 x Nose hair\r\n1 x Haircut\r\n3 x Limit comb for haircut


Double ring veneer knife net: double ring knife net increases the contact area, reduces the number of back scraping times and shaving time to a greater degree, finely cut and sharp and safe
Multi-directional floating cutter head: automatically adjust the shaving angle according to the facial curve to reduce friction, comfortable veneer, and easily conquer difficult-to-shave areas
Automatic grinding of the blade head: long-lasting sharpness, the blade and the blade net are constantly rubbed during use, the sharper the use, bringing a comfortable shaving experience
Easy charging and long-lasting battery life: high-performance large-capacity aviation lithium battery
Whole body washing dry and wet double shaving: rinse directly in the water after shaving, easy to clean and more thorough, which can be comfortable dry and refreshing wet shaving
1: Made in China ergonomically designed. You can shave, you can shave your head.
2: Rotary three cutter head double ring independent floating blade, three-dimensional cutter head structure.
3: LCD liquid crystal display, charging and discharging instructions.
4: The whole body washing design can be directly washed with tap water, the product is reliable and practical.
Product Name: Men's Electric Shaver
Input voltage: 5V-1A (USB)
Power: 3W
Charging time: 2 hours,
Battery type: 3.7V lithium battery
Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Package Contents:
1 * razor
1 * cleaning brush
1 * Cutter head protection cover
1 * USB charging dock
1 * English manual
1 * face brush
1 * Nose hair
1 * Haircut
3 * Limit comb for haircut
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
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