6PCS Plants VS Zombies Short Peluches Muñecas Set

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6PCS Plants VS Zombies Short Plush Toys Dolls Set


.Brand new Plush Slingshot Flying Monkey with Screaming Sound

.The soft stuffed monkey is really fun with his cape and mask, like some sort of super hero monkey

.Look like an ordinary plush toy, actually it is a fun slingshot

.With stretch rubber arms, specially designed finger pockets ensure a successful flight every time

.You can shoot the monkey with long-range elastic arms, put a finger on each hand pockets, pull back on the legs and let go

.As an added bonus, each time shooting, it lets out two loud screaming sounds

.Makes fun for anyone in need of a little extra humor to relax and release pressure

.The flying monkey slingshot is a great fun accessory for your office or home

Package Content:  .1 x Snow Pea  .1 x Kernel-pult  .1 x Cattail  .1 x Melon-pult  .1 x Twin Sunflower  .1 x Cherry Bomb


Tamaño (L x P x A cm) 32x15x20
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