220V Interruptor Automático Techo Sensor Detector Movimiento Infrarrojos 360°

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Características destacadas

Características destacadas

  • Dimensions: 11.1x11.1x5.2cm
  • Power Source: 220 -240V AC
  • Power Frequency: 50Hz
  • Detection Range: 360°
  • Installation Height: 2.2-4m
  • Power Consumption: 0.45W (work), 0.1W (static)
  • Durable and practical
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Detalle de producto

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  • 1 x Occupancy Sensor 360 Degree PIR Motion Light Switch


1 Commonly used to control lighting and extract ventilation.
2 Power-saving by ensuring lights and fans are not left on.
3 They will save energy by ensuring lights and fans not to be left on.
4 1200W halogen load
5 300W fluorescent/energy saving load
6 Adjustable lighting time
7 The energy savings will be high with a short energy saving investment payback time if connected to average energy level lighting such as fluorescent tubes, or compact fluorescent lamps. Higher savings if controlling tungsten or halogen lighting.
8 Well suited to circulation areas, integral garages, store rooms, toilets, kitchens, common stairs wells or corridors where there are frequently people passing in an out of an area and the lighting often gets left on accidentally.

1 The red line should be connected with the fire line of the lamp.
2 The brown line should be connected with the 220V fire line.
3 The blue line should be connected with the 220V zero line.

1 Power Source: 220 -240V AC
2 Power Frequency: 50Hz
3 Detection Range: 360°
4 Working Temperature: -20 - 40 deg C, Working Humidity:
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