21 Pulgadas Ukulele Color De La Flor Para Principiantes - Rosado

  • Pink Color
  • Application range: Amateur / Professional
  • Suitable ages: more than 3 years old
  • Product Dimensions: 53 * 17.8 * 5.8cm
  • Product weight: 420g
  • Package content:
  • 1 x Guitar
  • Plectrum (colors and random quantities, at least 2Pcs)
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Made of high-end material, durable to use. High quality strings, high hardness treatment, it is not easy to break. The design of the pick is comfortable and it does not hurt the hand. The adjustable rope design allows a fine adjustment of the strings, but should be adjusted too forcefully. The
stylized case design, beautiful, eye-catching and
detailed processing, can also fully stimulate the
baby's full development in vision and touch.
The ponticello design is made of high quality linden, which is natural, durable and not easily damaged. The
ukulele can cultivate the sensitivity of children to the rhythm, the tone,
The melody and tone, and can develop the
hand-eye coordination capacity of children and promote the development of various functions of
At the same time, the ukulele is elegant and easy to learn. It has a very unique tone and expression technique. It can
express euphemistic whispers and can also express
majestic grandeur and let many people dream of it.
a guitar, the four golden strings can be used to fill
the melodious and youthful melody, play relaxing music, express the
joys and sorrows, and cultivate the solemn and
elegant temperament .
Beautiful sound and elegant play can add to more personal charm and are loved by most young people.

Specifications : Pink Color. Range of application: Amateur / Professional . Appropriate ages: more than 3 years old. Product dimensions: 53 * 17.8 * 5.8cm. Product weight: 420g. Package content: 1 x Guitar .Plectro (colors and random quantities, at least 2Pcs)


Tamaño (L x P x A cm) 55.5x21.5x8.3
Peso (kg) 0.54
Color Rosado
Condición del producto Nuevo

Qué hay en la caja

.1 x Guitar
.Plectrum (random colors and quantities, at least 2Pcs)

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