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Características destacadas

Características destacadas

● Se puede usar en dril de algodón, seda, manualidades, cortinas ● capaz de coser y colgar cortinas, tapi ces, etc. ● la operación simple, línea con el borde plano, movimiento automático
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Detalle de producto

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Portable Stitch Hand Held Sewing Machine Stitch Sew Quick Handy Cordless Repairs

NOTE: Colorful Line Coils Color Send Random.

Color: White
Body Material: Plastic
Size(L*W*H): 21 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm
Power: DC 6V 600 MA
Battery Powered: 4 AA batteries (not included)
Colorful Lines Quantity: 6 Pcs


●Can be use in Denim,Silk,Crafts,Drapes.
●Able to sew and hang curtains, wall hangings and so on.
●Simple operation, line with the flat edge, automatic moving.
●Can be seam thickness ≤1.8 MM. Too big, too hard, can't use.
●Compact, portable, fittings and large sewing machines are common.
●Apply to all kinds of fabrics, speed and large sewing machine quite.
●Metal gear strength is high, the noise is small, not easy to slip teeth.
●Sewing machine designed handkerchief, apron, pillow case, etc., do not have a taste.
●Wearing clothes, underwear, skirts and other suddenly off-line, you can use of the machine without take off the clothes, it is very easy to sew.
●For children around 12 years of age, a little instruction, use this machine to sew small clothes, etc., not only toys, but also a good partner to tr ain children's work habits and tr ain sewing skills.

1.Pack 4 AA batteries
2.Standby: use the four finger of the right hand to support the frame, the thumb naturally placed on the fuselage, cover the top, the steady grasp of the whole machine
3.Through the line: according to the product description of the detailed diagram instructions operation
4.Put Cloth: with the right index finger lift the pressure plate, will be ready to sew fabric smooth, put under the press plate, gently back to the pressure plate, press fabric
5.Sewing operations: hold the fabric with his left hand, right hand thumb gently quickly under pressure, feeding mechanism of automatic seam will be left out. Hold the right hand gradually moves to the right, left hand holding the cloth with the rhythm will be gently sewing seam to the left, until the end of sewing
6.This machine can automatically adjust the tightness between the cloth and the pin
7.Change Line: such as coil for large coil can be alternate long rod and line cylinder shaft connection, set into the big ball. Then re threading, adjust the thread tension after sewing.
8.Change Needle: loosen screw, remove the broken needle, needle can be installed

Package Included:

1 x Handheld Sewing Machine(Batteries not included)
1 x Measuring Tape
1 x Extension Spindle
2 x Extra Bobbins
1 x Needle Threader
1 x Extra Needles
6 x Colorful Line Coils(Color Sends Random)
10 x Safety Pins
1 x User Manual

Noti ces:
1.Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 2 cm error,thank you.
2.This is a single thread sewing machine. Please remember to tie it when you finish sewing.
3.As long as the sewing machine,there will be these problems:Not sewn up,Skipping pins,Line broken,Cloth isis jammed,Line is jammed.Don't worry, these are solved by adjusting the machine.
4.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.Please understand, thank you!
5.The seam thickness of about 1.8 MM, too big, too hard, too thick, certainly not sewing, if because of your personal sewing too thick, too hard cause the machine to break down,the problem is not the machine itself.


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